Friday, May 16, 2014

Tips for surviving WildStar's active combat

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All gamers have areas of interest when going into an MMO beta test, the things that they want to see and the content that they want to preserve for launch. Personally I hate going through quests and spoiling the story while in beta, so if there's a way to skirt around that, I take it. That's why my time with WildStar has been so very combat-centric, as I've been happily grinding on both PvE mobs and PvP competitors during my sessions like the archaic dinosaur gamer that I am.

So today we'd like to share with you some observations and lessons to help you survive your first few days on Nexus, whether as a beta tester or a player in live.

No auto-attack? Perish the thought!
Whenever I get into a new MMO, I want the game to ease up on the tutorial at some point to just let me get a feel for fighting against as many mobs as I like. Happily, WildStar does just this early on with a room full of enemies asking for a little smackdown.

Two-way telegraphs
Many MMOs these days have what WildStar refers to as "telegraphs:" visual indicators of where an enemy attack is going to land and a strong suggestion that you not be there when it does. But WildStar takes this concept and kicks it up to the next level with a variety of telegraph types and the addition of player telegraphs.

Limited action set finagling
Running and gunning isn't the be-all, end-all of WildStar's combat, of course. While positioning and evading are important, having a good set of tools at your disposal is even more so. This is where the game's "limited action set" comes into play, a phrase that sounds as if I'm collecting G.I. Joes.Now u can well combat in WildStar now !

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