Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The introduction of WildStar Path for Explorer and Settler

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The path of explorer is full of challenge, if you have experienced GW2 you would know the Happy Jump. Well, if you fall in love with jumping, to chose this patch would be your great choice! The task of Explorer in Wildstar is completing all kinds of quest in all around the world through different highly difficult jump. As you can see in this picture, this is the primary jump quest. More difficult latterly.

The Skills of Explore
Explorer’s safe fall (1 minute CD): Reduces falling damage by 15+%. Damage reduction increases by leveling path.
Air Brakes (30 seconds CD): Makes you jump again in mid air, hopefully preventing you from hitting the ground hard. Cooldown decreases by leveling path.
Translocate Beacon (60 seconds CD): Press once to place a beacon. Press again to teleport back to that beacon. Cooldown increases with distance and decreases by leveling path. Unavailable during PvP.


Settler would be the very popular in game, being a Settle is about collecting materials to build your supply base. The allies can acquire buff with 1 hour in your base, for example the bonus of increasing movement speed, attack damage, defensive power and so on. While, it need the Settle to collect materials to replenish time.

The skills of Settler
Settle’s Campfire (60 minutes CD): allows you to set up a fire which increases healing and maximum health for an hour, need Patch level 4.
Summon: Mail Box (10 minutes CD): To summon a Mail Box, need Path level 5.
Summon: Vendbot (10 minutes CD): To summon a Robot for 60 seconds, need Path Level 6.
Summon: Ability Kiosk (20 minutes CD): To summon a Robot learn skill, which can reset AMP and purchase skills, need Path level 8.
Summon: Crafting Station (60 minutes CD): To summon a station to craft items, need Path level 23.

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