Friday, May 16, 2014

Dungeon and adventure locations list in WildStar so far

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wildstar Dungeons

Level 15 Adventure: The Hycrest Insurrection (Exile): Galeras, Immediately East of Thayd
Level 15 Adventure: Riot in the Void (Dominion): Auroria, Immediately East of Ilium
Level 20 Dungeon: Stormtalon's Lair (STL): Galeras (Exile), South tip of Thundercall Village, Access thru Whitevale
Level 20 Dungeon: Ruins of Kel Vorath (KV): Auroria (Dominion), Southern end, Access thru Wilderrun
Level 25 Adventure: War of the Wilds: Whitevale, North of Wigwalli Village along the water
Level 30 Adventure: The Siege of Tempest Refuge: Whitevale, In the middle of Calmwater Lake, near Protostar camp
Level 35 Dungeon: Skullcano (SC): Whitevale, on the docks of Wigwalli Village
Level 40 Adventure: Crimelords of Whitevale: Wilderrun, Directly West of Devastation Ride, North end
Level 45 Adventure: The Malgrave Trail: Southern border of Southern Grimvault
Level 50 Dungeon: Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden (SotS): Wilderrun, Very furthest West point of the map
Level 50 Raid (20): Genetic Archives: Western Grimvault, Labeled on map, near Phagelabs

STL, KV, SC, and SotS can be walked into 3 levels early, but cannot be queued for in the group finder until the listed level.
All Veteran mode dungeons and adventures become accessible at level 50.'

In order to queue through the group finder for any dungeon, you must find the entrance first. This also applies for Veteran mode.For adventures, you must additionally complete the appropriate "Simcore" quest that you receive when you hit the right level via your comm.

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